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How to Register

The first step in our registration process is to submit an Application for Registration of Aircraft or Change of Ownership. The application can be downloaded and must be submitted through our online Aircraft Information Records System (AIRS). Contact a member of the team at to set up access to the AIRS platform.

Once the application has been submitted through AIRS, a signed copy must be forwarded along with the required registration documents.


Submit a registration of aircraft application form


Submit required information for a Certificate of Registration


Submit Airworthiness applications and required documents found on the checklist


Submit Operations applications and approvals found on the checklist


Complete a new customer information form and send to

The following items are required (where applicable) prior to the issue of a Certificate of Registration:

  • A Power of Attorney (if applicable) if a person or persons will be signing applications on behalf of the registered owner of the aircraft.
  • An affidavit or certified true copies of the Bill of Sale (proof of ownership) AND/OR Lease Agreement where the registered owner is a Charterer by Demise.
  • Certified true copies of the Certificate of Incorporation and list of company directors.
  • Priority Mortgage (if applicable). Once accepted, the Priority Notice is valid for 14 working days. To maintain priority, the contemplated mortgage must be made and entered in the Mortgage Register or further Priority Notice entered within the 14-day period.
  • Deregistration OR Certificate of Non-Registration document received from the previous State of registry.

Note: The Bermuda Aircraft Registry has due diligence policies and procedures in place to be fully compliant with the anti-money laundering protocols.  The extent of the due diligence is risk-based and the information above will enable BCAA to conduct a due diligence review on applicants prior to permitting an individual or company to place an aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry. This protects the reputation of all owners and operators on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.