Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

All aircraft accidents and serious incidents occurring in Bermuda or involving a Bermuda registered aircraft should be reported to both:

In the event of an aircraft accident or serious incident, contact the AAIB

Requirements & Policy


In exercising their authority, designated officers of the BCAA may:

(a) decide that it would be inexpedient in the public interest to register an aircraft in the Territory; or

(b) refuse an application for the grant, validation or variation of a licence, certificate, approval, authorisation or rating; or

(c) decide to cancel the registration of an aircraft; or

(d) decide to revoke, suspend or vary a licence, certificate, approval, authorisation, validation or rating otherwise than on the application of the holder.

If taking any of these actions, the designated officer of the BCAA must serve on the person concerned a notice stating the reasons for the decision. The person concerned may, within 14 days of the date of the service of the notice, serve on the Governor a request that he review the decision.

Before making a decision about the appeal, the Governor must consider any oral representations made to him or any written representations served upon him by the person concerned within 21 days after the date the request for review was served. The Governor may also consider the advice of technical assessors that he appoints as advisers, provided that he does not appoint as an assessor any person who participated in the decision or proposal or in giving or assessing any test or examination which is to be the subject of the Governor’s decision.

Anyone requesting that the Governor review a BCAA decision may contact the office of the Governor directly at In the alternative, the request can be provided to the BCAA at and the submission will then be forwarded to the office of the Governor.