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With knowledgeable and helpful staff to assist throughout the process, the Bermuda Aircraft Registry offers an excellent registration solution for private aircraft owners. These are just some of the benefits of registering a private aircraft with us. For a full list, visit Why Choose the Bermuda Aircraft Registry?


In February 2020, the Bermuda Aircraft Registry significantly reduced applicable fees in a number of areas:

  • The fee for a Certificate of Airworthiness was reduced by approximately 40%. The revised fee will now be $100 per 500 kg or part thereof, as compared to $170 per 500 kg charged by most other registries.
  • The fee for an operational and Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) approval for private aircraft has been eliminated.
  • You can receive CAMO, Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) and operational approvals based on your Cayman approvals. There is no charge for these approvals and you only need to make a request and submit the Cayman documentation to the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.
  • The Bermuda Aircraft Registry’s acceptance of International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) registration or successful EASA Part NCC declaration eliminates the requirement for a BCAA audit of an operator.


Operators of Bermuda private registered aircraft fully comply with ICAO Annex 6 Part II standards, enabling their compliance with EASA Part NCC requirements. An IS-BAO approval satisfies the Complex General Aviation approval requirement.


Flight Operations and Airworthiness Inspectors are based in offices in Bermuda and the United Kingdom. Flight Operations Inspectors based in Bermuda are joined by two Designated Flight Operations Inspectors. This Airworthiness team is complemented by over 25 Designated Airworthiness Inspectors who are strategically located throughout the world.


For more information on the regulations for private aircraft operations (NCC) visit our Operations section.

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