Storage and Transition Registry
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The BCAA has created a storage register for the convenience of aircraft owners, operators and leasing companies who want to store an aircraft while it is in transition between owners or operators, and for the storage of Bermuda registered aircraft with an expired Certificate of Airworthiness.

An owner seeking to place their aircraft on the Bermuda registry for the purpose of storage during transition between owners or operators should follow the normal registration process as outlined within the How to Register an aircraft section.

When completing the Application for Registration of Aircraft or Change of Ownership Registration of Aircraft or Change of Ownership – 100(B), the owner must indicate on line 12 of the form that the intended use of the aircraft is for storage.

The owner must ensure that:

  • Arrangements are in place for continued airworthiness management in accordance with OTAR 39 by a Bermuda approved CAMO.
  • The aircraft is maintained by an appropriately rated Bermuda approved AMO.
  • The aircraft is maintained in accordance with a BCAA approved maintenance programme that includes the storage procedures and tasks.
  • The Form AW-201(s) Storage Status Report is submitted by the CAMO upon the aircrafts entry to the register (and annually thereafter) and the storage fee paid